IBS symptoms in Men and what you can do to avoid them

Men are known to eat more portions of their meal when compared to women. A huge number of men do enjoy a great meal and as a result, are more prone in encountering a number of health issues linking to food. IBS or is also known as irritable bowel syndrome for instance, is a common issue that has plagued people of different gender and age group from around the world. This raises a variety concerns to people as this can ruin a person from enjoying their meals. Let us look at IBS symptoms in men while at the same time find timely relief to the condition.

How IBS Affects the Food that we eat

A person suffering from IBS often experiences a variety of discomfort in their abdominal area. This includes stomach cramping, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and the likes. IBS does not happen normally and there is usually a source that can trigger their attacks. One of the main culprits can be found with the type of foods that we eat. Patients who are suffering from IBS has often reported that they experience painful reactions right after eating which leads to the assumption that food is involved in triggering them.

Food does indeed play a huge rule in the development of your IBS attacks. For instance, some foods are shown to make IBS related issues worse which is something sufferers should need to keep in mind. Among the list includes breads and cereals manufactured with refined grains, chips and cookies and other related processed foods, alcoholic beverages, coffee and carbonated drinks, high protein diet as well as dairy products.


We’ve mentioned a few of the symptoms patients can experience if they have IBS. Aside from the usual abdominal pain or cramping, sufferers can also encounter a bloated feeling and may also find tracers of mucus in their stool. It is important to manage the early signs and symptoms of IBS in order to better manage their attacks. IBS symptoms in men can hit harder but with enough preparation, patients will be able to reduce the pain. A good way of making the symptoms less severe is through dieting.

IBS Diet Changes

IBS patients are advised to make the necessary changes to their diet incorporating a number of food which help increase their daily recommended fiber intake. Fiber rich food includes whole grain bread and cereals, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Dried plums and prune juice are also ideal as they contain sorbitol a higher sugar substitute. Last but definitely not the least is to drink plenty of water on a regular day to day basis to help flush the toxins out from the body.

There is indeed a lot you can do to effective manage your IBS. With that being said, it is important that you discuss your course of action with your doctors in order to avoid encountering any issues or complications. Get in touch with your doctors as you work hand in hand together in treating your IBS.

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